Shamanic Helper
"When the Door of Hope closes, the Door to Shamanism Opens
...because KNOWING is HEALING!"

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With Shaman Four Hawks (Ken)

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First, please know I (and many shamans) are NOT in this discipline
to make money. We consider this ability a gift to be shared freely.
I do not charge for my services. However, I would like to ask you to consider
honoring the work the spirits do through me for you with whatever contribution
you feel their work was worth via my PayPal link.
I am putting this up front and center because,
since I do my work at no formal charge to you, one loving opportunity
you have to thank the spirit helpers is to help forward my work through a gift.
All sites and tools cost money, and you will be helping
support the future works that occur here. :)
Suggested gifting amounts are here:
  • Gifting for Services
  • Thanks with all our hearts and love!

    If you wish to donate, and help reward and encourage
    Ken and his Spirit Helpers, click below: